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Crux Mailer is the right solution for all your bulk email marketing needs. It’s a web based and user friendly Bulk Email Marketing Software integrated with our own dedicated bulk email SMTP servers to provide you the best in class bulk email marketing solution.
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Crux Mailer is a web based email marketing software integrated with our own dedicated SMTP server that specially maintained to send bulk emails. As we are providing both Bulk Email Software and SMTP server you don’t need to worry about anything. Just purchase the suitable email marketing package and can start sending your first email marketing campaign in minutes...  readmore
Know more about bulk emailing
Things you need to know before starting Bulk Email Marketing?
What is Bulk Email Software and how it works?
What is SMTP Server?
Why I can’t use my web server or any other web servers for bulk email sending?
Why I need to pay monthly / yearly?
Why Crux Mailer?
Very simple and easy to use email marketing software with video tutorial for self learning
We have more than 5 years of experience in email marketing and SMTP server management
We are providing the best and most affordable rate in the market
We are providing personalized support and training on request through internet and telephone
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You can create and store unlimited number of email campaigns in our bulk email marketing software and can use it whenever you need to send that. It’s very easy to create HTML and Text based emails with our advanced HTML Editor.
With our bulk email marketing software you will get live open and click tracking reports. You can easily understand who opens and read your email and how many of them visiting your website or click links in your email campaign.
You can use our Advanced HTML Editor to make your email marketing campaign very attractive, you can use different fonts, font sizes, colors, images, links, tables etc… its almost similar to a advanced work processor.
With our bulk email software you can import more than 100000 contacts in 10 minutes time, you can import data from excel files or from any other database in CSV format.
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